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live recordings 


2017 The Year of WTF?

Yea WTF happened to our Countries our Governments our Corporations and the People that work for it? WTF happened that we have begun so desensitized of the bloodshed, the deception, the corruption of Human Beings against Human Beings. WTF happened when you start realizing that our Governments are turning into more corrupt than Mobsters from the 1920s and our Companies cannot see Humanity suffering through the dwindling middle class and the divide of the poor. WTF happened in 2017 in the 21st Century our Great Technologies but yet we cannot get rid of poverty because poverty makes a lot of money. WTF happened in 2017 that people die of Cancer unnecessarily when all you know deep down in you


It is unbelievable what is happening in the United States of America, every day I seem to wake up to another Sex Scandal of a Celebrity or Reporter or Senator who is being accused of sexual harassment that happened 20 or even 40 years ago. It would seem that these individual are simply guilty without due process? For example Senator Al Franken who for some reason needs to resign over a sexual harassment accusation over 20 years ago. Why would he need to resign when he claims that the scandal was not true, so the new trend is ACCUSATION = Guilt! So now woman can simply accuse a man of sexual harassment and with no proof or due process and that individual is treated in the media as automat

DDP Vradio XXXMAS Special - Live - with Special Guest Ron Placone

Yeah a very special DDP Vradio XXXXMAS with Dirty Sammy, Pinky Starfish, JC DoMe and Ron Placone celebrating a sinful XXXMAS This Thursday streaming through Periscope and DailyMotion starting at 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm join us live for a discusion that will turn your Jingle Bells Red.... and for the love of God send your f'n Kids to Bed... just saying ..... #XXX #DDPVradio #SamAl #PiknyStarfish #JoeNutter #DanielMurphy #RonPlacone #Christmas #JesusMeetsTheGayman #BreakingGlassPictures #JesusMeetsTheGaya #December212017

AJIT PAI a SHAMEFUL FATHER - So Says The Gay Prophet

AJIT PAI a SHAMEFUL FATHER And sadly is failing as a Human Being Dear Ajit: It is unconscionable what you are doing? You understand the sensitivity of the issue of Net Neutrality and its importance and especially in light of the facts that even the Fathers and Creators of the Internet have spoken against your plan to disband Net Neutrality protections. You lied on television, not only to the Nations Citizens of the United States, you lied to your Children who will grow up knowing that their Father is a liar, and manipulator, and had the hand in the destruction of freedom and liberties of the Internet , which I thought the United States stood for. You shame Fathers everywhere, of proposi

RT Propaganda?

RT Propaganda? I have never been so perturbed, somewhat angry, disappointed but more so like Stan from South Park, appalled in disbelief, “Really?!” I It would seem that people in general need a fresh perspective on these issues. When I mean perspective, I mean get a real perspective by being like a Hawk and fly above all the players and see the details from that perspective. Recently, the Project VERITAS Files have been such a disclosure of horrible Journalism, horrible ethics, even from the New York Times even though some of Okeefe’s tactics may seem sinister and perhaps questionable, but it still does not negate the truth about what was said off camera on camera, these are reputable j