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live recordings 



RECORDED LIVE IN STUDIOS on November 18 2018 - TRIBUTE TO THE COURAGEOUS WOMAN WHOM PASSED AWAY WAY TO YOUNG ON May 31 2018 and was born on this day November 18, 1968. I will miss ya Sis! #TheLeopardLounge #MicheleMartalla #Tribute #Timmins #Ontario


Welcome to ARTISTS INTERRUPTED – A 12 EPISODE Docu-Style miniseries capturing an Event called ART AROUND THE WORLD at the Queen West Art Crawl in Toronto. Whereas Painters along with Musicians Perform Live, all along Queen Street West, while representing over 20 Different Countries and Cultures, showing Art from Around The World. The story is told from a Documentary/Filmmakers perspective; all exploring the deep reasons and mindset, of “Why the need for ART? Or why do ARTIST need to Paint? And why do Musicians need to play Music?” We gain these insights by INTERRUPTING these Artists at the event by asking insightful questions through an informal interview by Seasoned Documentary Filmmakers.


My partner Joe Cool who Hosts THE LEOPARD LOUNGE on Tuesday nights is one of the biggest fanatics when it comes to Halloween and these are his reasons why. You see in today's tradition here in Canada Halloween is about the Party and Trick or Treating which brings out Families and people to venture past their own front yard into the unfamiliar and perhaps familiar neighbours. HALLOWEEN is Community building and thus the true reason why these traditions continue today. It's actually powerful, thus the reason why Joe Cool loves Halloween because you get to decorate to the Macabre and enjoy babies dressed in a Pineapple Suite and see dogs dressed like spiders and see familiar faces in your nei