This recent event of Pride Toronto this year has been a memorable one for sure and everyone is furious about the recent events from Black Lives Matter whom has been much criticized and regretful not with great regard from Black Canadian Men and Woman as I hear it even discussing on the streetcar and even covering the Joe Jackson event at the TD Jazz Festival, I couldn’t get away from it.

I will tell you why you are furious Canadians, because Black Lives Matter is preaching to the Choir. More precisely Black Lives Matter are preaching to the Preacher. Perspective is the problem, more so from Black Lives Matter not doing their homework, and the due diligence of our adopting this American form of Activism within our general Canadian customs and philosophy. Good Canadians are confused and angered at the block aid and demand this disrespectful behavior of removing our police force from the parade shameful. Shame On You and I’ll will say it for all those Canadians who want to say it “F*&K you EH?” (In a Bob & Doug MacKenzie Voice from SCTV)

Well here is my respect for the cops whom come every year, attending in bigger numbers to help bridge misunderstanding, and who add to our safety of our celebrations. SORRY GUYS FOR THE FEW PEOPLE who dishonoured you that day. This is my photo for you taken July 3, 2016.

Yes the police are not always perfect, there are assholes in every Organization, Corporation, Groups, Province, Country, Religion, Churches, Mosques, Activist Groups… you get the point. So to dishonor those individuals who are Not Assholes and to black ball and brush them all with the same racist brush, is disgraceful and unbefitting of Canadian Culture. It is hard to address this issue because Black Lives do Matter and there is nothing that I wish to say that would demean the injustices, intolerance that happen every day. But I would love to open dialogue to talk about Black Lives whom demonstrate prejudice and racism to White People like the story of a Black Nurse here in Canada refused to care for a Gay Man dying of Aids in a hospital, and telling him to that he doesn’t deserve to live and should die in his own filth should he not repent and accept Jesus. There are real cases of racism from all cultures … we are all prone to make generalization but there is a long Generation of Canadians who do not think that way anymore and prefer a more amicable approach. Yes I believe that all people are capable of extreme racist comments and action but it is a choice to act on impulse rather than delve into finding perspective and good intent. What makes us Canadian is the ability not to see colour and further our understanding of one another but we lack the insight to see the value of investing in these mechanism to promote these dialogues further. It is Lazy thinking but it’s not too late to admit that with our polluted egos that those mistakes can happen thus the need for forgiveness, reconciliation and renewal which can still occur. This still can be a great opportunity to further our definition of our Human Identity.

Being a good journalist I did my due diligence; recorded every speech listened by Black Lives Matter, to every comment, even got an interview with Black Lives Matter. But our conversation cut short due to time, I even tried to gain perspective from other journalists to gain an understanding and then saw our Executives supporting hesitantly along with the other Executives at Pride Toronto and Black Lives Matters supposed to be officially leading the Parade, but there was something in their speech that triggered a deep journalistic warning within me that I couldn’t put my finger on it until now.

In my interview with Black Lives Matter, I asked why did they disrupt the Mural Presentation in memory of the 1981 Bathhouse Raids and discredit the Chief of Police’s Apology; she stated that the Police didn’t apologize but said they regretted the incident, which is not an apology and also that the Police where pink washing the Mural and The Event. For those not understanding Pink Washing is simply a term, of ill intent people using the LGBTQ Community as a pink shield of excuses by doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons simply to look good in the public's eye. I then asked Black Lives Matter what evidence do you have to support the Pink Washing, which she replied ... where are those cops whom made those decisions and whom were involved in the raid how come their names were not shown and why were they not present to make the apology. Good point, but these men and woman cops must be either dead or getting old and most likely retired, perhaps is it worth looking into but humiliating those cops now … and is it going to bring any better changes? She also stated that the Orlando Massacre deceased where primarily of Colour which then I answered “why is that relevant?” Then I realized what was really going on, and unfortunately our conversation ran short due to time, for her commitment to the stage. Personally, I believe that Black Lives Matters need to substantiate some evidence before staging a coup on July 3 2016 at the Pride Parade or making accusations of Pink Washing. Well there has to be documentation and some stories of the abuse happening within this city of Toronto, with some surety many journalists or the Chief of Police would love to hear your story of abuse from Police within the City of Toronto because surely, if they knew what was going on with some Officers of the force behaving badly, there will be heads rolling. In no way, I am saying that Black Lives Don’t Matter, frankly Black Lives Do Matter, and their mission statement’s focus is on Black issues thus Black Lives Matter.

The over populace and majority of Canadians don’t see colour, Black Lives Matter do see colour and that may be part of the problem. Personally, the early morning of June 12 2016 when I saw the red alert on the news wire about the Orlando Shooting, I didn’t have my glasses on and I tripped over my bed and thought that it was Muslims that got shot and killed and I literally cried right then. Some people would say Jean-Claude why would you cry you are a big critique of Islam Religion, and yeah honestly I believe Sharia Law sucks, but it would never stop me from helping a Muslim Woman with her groceries off the Streetcar, it would not stop me coming to the aid of anyone for that matter, why, because I am Canadian. I cried because my thoughts of Men, Woman, Children’s lives being snuffed out by a massive shooting disturbed me, then I found out that it was a gay club I cried again, why, because I am Canadian.

“Black Lives Matter started in 2012 as a call to action for Black People in the United States after 17 year old Trayvon Martinwas posthumously placed on trial for his own murder and the killer George Zimmerman was not held accountable for the crime he committed.”

Yeah I would be pissed, and their call to action is working in bringing awareness to the abuse from what is happening and started in the United States of America. Again we are talking about the United States of America, a complete different culture when it comes to racial tensions. For example I am a big supporter of THE REAL NEWS.com - Paul Jay, the Chief Editor, is from Toronto CBC. He is a friend on Facebook whom I share comments time to time on the issue he is facing, which he would quite