There are so many distractions in society today. TV has all but died, but we have replaced that with many other screens. Look around and you will find most people with a fixed gaze into the luring light of their smart phone. Pokémon to Facebook, from Dating Apps to GPS and Maps. There are forms of technology that have helped us along our journey of being on the planet, yet at times we've often forgotten the color of the grass under our feet, or that we are actually spinning round and round a massive universe, with our heads bent in a kink, straining as we go click click click.

When was the last time you broke free from it all? When was the last time you unplugged? Because lets be honest, as soon as that toy in your hand runs out of juice, you'd better know where the nearest outlet is.

And heaven forbid leaving the house without your phone. Oh my...When was the last time you sat alone in the total darkness of your room, not to sleep but simply sat there to think?

When was the last time you walked aimlessly into the woods, towards the great expanse of water? Shhhh. Let nature speak. Do you remember how to build a fire?

Have you forgotten how the flames dance and twirl out a vision in your minds eye? Have you forgotten? There is a face in the bonfire looking back at you. Yes there is. It's you. Beyond the reflection in the mirror.

Beyond the light beaming from that alien device in your hand.