Producing Jesus Meets The Gay Man has been like Tantric sex, it took a long time coming. It feels like forever that I have been pitching JESUS MEETS THE GAY MAN. I have more Jesus photos and literature than Gay Porn on my computers. The LGBTTQQi2SAA community will take my Rainbow Towel away and give me an Asexual Towel for committing that kind of sin as a Gay Person. But jokingly aside, as everyone who know me is saying "Oh god he is saying that joke about the Rainbow Towel again..." I would like to thank those people who think that because if you did you were there through the 13 Stations of the Crucifixion in getting this project completed. The journey so far has been exhausting to say the least, but I hope with all the efforts of such fine Artists who just went along with my bull shit and Humoured me with witty comments and performance; I salute you all in doing such a fine job. So, for all Fans of Jesus. Enjoy.... on iTunes in 47 Different Countries. Just Click Below.