Ladies and Gentlemen and Gender Choosing

I would will like to leave you this special message during the Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus and forgive me for forgetting other holiday celebrations.

WE ALL HAVE OUR SPECIAL WAY TO celebrate the Season … I kinda like the Baby Jesus thing with a Queer Twist. Yet, just so you know this is not an article that is Humbug toward the season, I felt writing this article was needed to a simple way of looking at our trained behaviours that we have developed or forgotten over the years of why we Celebrate these Holidays in the first place.

Unfortunately, our current Secular System of our Celebrations of the Season is set up to exemplify one thing and one thing only (in the name of money of course) – Who is Rich and Who is Poor, with a continuous reassertion of the Riches Wealth even more deeply like, through cheesy Christmas Specials of how Celebrities Celebrate their lavish Celebrations during the Season. And yet has Humans we know this to be wrong, and it either does not bother us anymore or we simply don’t want to look out of place if we question or complain. And the other observation is our cheesy OMG horrible treatment of the Poor and Homeless during the Season. I remember my X-Wife worked at a Mission as a Seniors Social Worker and she would always get upset at the numerous families calling during the Season wanting to open their home to a Senior who is spending Christmas by herself. I remember naively saying “Well what’s wrong with that?”

She explained further the scenario, then Eureka I realized the subtlety of our behaviours during the Christmas Season.

Unconsciously we all do it and it’s always with good intentions we do use the Poor and the Homeless as Celebrity Tokens like objects to be used to demonstrate our benevolence and we all do it without a true deep reflection of another persons soul. My X-Wife would say “it’s kind intentions for these families to call…. but they forget most of my Seniors didn’t have much family to begin with and then to be invited into a strangers home, to be displayed in front of kids indirectly as the poor person or the charity guest… it is simply insulting… “ My X-Wife was right and she would always kindly tell families that if they wanted to open up their home for someone at Christmas they should get to know them during the year of which the invitation could be more welcoming. My X-Wife would tell the Seniors whom were Alone during the Season to spend Christmas with each other since they all came to Seniors Group every week, and I can still hear her encouraging her Seniors to create new memories instead. We all know that the poor and homeless are not only poor during the Celebrations it’s all year long, it’s a given. But perhaps on a more positive note … just imagine Jesus looking down at us from another Galaxy (sighing) crying at the poverty and unnecessary deaths, and then saying on the day of Christmas well I’ll take at least One Day of Celebration where Humanity ACTUALLY

gives a shit for one another.

So not wanting to be too negative or Humbug during the Christmas Season, I thought of sharing some inspiration and challenge you to go beyond your short day commitments to be generous. Perhaps it’s time that the Season should inspire us to be better and make firm commitments of charity whether at home or in any form or fashion; and in more abundance in the days to come. Perhaps we can all make a Secret Commitment to Ourselves to becoming more Virtuous in Love, Friendship, Patience, Charity, Compassion and Forgiveness, to each other in the coming year. So make that Commitment or perhaps take that one hour on Christmas Day to develop a plan and reaffirm that Commitment every Christmas Season.

That’s my new Christmas Celebration and Expression is to make my own Secret Commitment to be more Virtuous! As cheesy as it sounds, but then again Virtue is not cheesy it is simply a good sign of Strength and Character. So Merry Christmas Rich or Poor and a Happy New Year.