The Fake News or shall I say Faux News because it sounds sexier in French. But first let me relate a small personal story of my recent ventures to set precedents. About 6 months ago my Doctor suggested to me to help control stress by taking this program called Mindfulness Matters where you get a insight on the moment by paying attention to your Breathing which I realized that my Breath had an Ego of its’ own making me feel guilty for all the Cigarettes, Cigars, and Tabacco Pipes I smoked over the years. Nonetheless, and Beautifully though it did reduce my stress especially when I realize that my habits contributed to my physical manifestation of stress. It came to me, during the course that I had an obvious obsession with Journalism and News. I watch all the news cast from Canada mainly Global, CP24,CityTV, CBC, CTV and many times they don’t differ much with any variety of convincing opinions on the main story of the day. It’s almost like Parrots on Perches all feeding from the same seeded Narrative and this would include the American Counter Parts CBS, MNBC, CNN, ABC, all of them as if the phraseology were all coordinated to impress a certain message.

Frankly, purposely or inadvertently it creates a form of subliminal brainwashing especially if you took the time to switch from one News Broadcast to another you will hear the same verbiage which is almost synonymous. And rightly so, because most of our news sources are coming from mainly Reuters, Associated Press etc… Certain companies are determining the narrative and phraseology of terms and Television News Stations are simply repeating the same source. It’s funny I am fascinated by my Mentor Phil Pendry who happens to be 90 years old and still shooting with his Camera. He was the Cameraman for Morley Safer from 60 minutes and was also a War Correspondent during many of the known Wars. His stories always fascinated me because he would say that sometimes in the Newsroom at the time they would follow the wire for anything interesting and if there wasn’t they would pick a lead on their own story. It’s still happens today but way differently, Corporations are afraid of lawsuits so much that to Question More would result in their insurance premiums on liabilities and legal fees going so high that this scenario demands they be more careful, therefore, trust long standing sources that have proven to be accurate most of the time, which results in less opinions, less questions, less scrutiny and thus a bad form of news. So that’s why I listen to other news sources like TheRealNews.com, Democracy Now, TYT, and RT News.

So, you see that was my routine every morning, oh and I like the Guardian as well, now getting back to this routine which was simply absurd to my health but the different perspectives gave me insight to good jokes to promote thinking. So now I meditate every morning and then go into my insane daily routine.

The article title is FAUX News, and I have been in awe of the amount table tennis news coming back and forth on this Faux News and now Obama almost starting WW3 over believing the CIA on anything at this point which I don’t know why, because remember well it was the CIA that also said “there is weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq”. Listen, the story looks more like this…. Hillary Clinton and the DNC got caught with their pants down when WikiLeaks Julian Assange leaked the DNC e-mails which should have caused the biggest News Story Ever of CNN’s manipulation of the Election, to name a few, which should be the focus of news to begin with. Why is no one looking at this … the damage it did to CNN right now and the Democratic Party just shows that they are as corrupt has Trump is. Hillary making that statement about FAUX News made her sound like a child in a sandbox, throwing a tantrum at people and saying in a baby voice “People are saying bad things about me and that’s why I lost the election” And rightly so Julian Assange has not been disproving yet, and thus the reason why the American CIA and Politicans want him dead and his reason he has Sanctuary in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

The funny thing is that Julian Assange has clearly stated that the source of the leak was not the Russians and at this point I tend to believe him more than I believe in the Parrots on Parrot News. What the U.S. Election proved is that our Parrot News don’t control the Narrative anymore or the Cognitive map. It’s time for the Real News to come alive again. What frightened me the most is President Obama, trying to the last of his Reign, to point to unproven allegations and starting a “Ministry of Truth” legislation. WTF? OMG as ridiculously as it sounds it is exactly from George Orwell's’ Book 1984 Big Brothers is watching you, Ministry of Truth BS! I laughed and was scared for a bit and then realized; well in the end, the biggest war at the moment is not done with guns, bombs, it's done with words, images, expressions, opinions on the internet because to control a Nation you need to control the Cognitive Map. And like the U.S media are now realizing that they have lost control over people's thinking and over the controlled narrative. Some very influential people are trying to gain control again. This Censorship from Facebook is a very bad move. It's ok for now but after a while Facebook will become Fake News and people will migrate to a new social media that offers more freedom and Facebook will go bankrupt. Also, this attack on Russia sounds ridiculous to say the least with no evidence just supposition, and it begs to questions why Russia? I feel we are back during the macabre days during the Trueman years when hating Japanese People and Red Commies was common. This way of thinking is regressive and not progressive, besides no one has ever thought perhaps and truthfully that the U.S.A does more spying and hacking into our private lives through the NSA than any other Country in the World? Why are we not in an uproar about that? I did see that Academy Award Winning Documentary called Citizen Four and Edward Snowden presents a good case. It's time for Maturity Ladies and Gentlemen and journalist should have the right to quote Larry King to "Ask the right Questions and to Demand the right Answers." Yea I got it from RT News... I guess I'm a Commie or a Jap now is that where we are heading?

So next time, you hear Fake News from the lips of a Newscaster just remember 60% of it is Parrot News of information they want to feed you.

Think for yourself and pursue other opinions as much as possible, it is good for the mind and good for the soul.