PROLOGUE: Personally writing this Article to Comment on Trump/Hillary Wars, Black Lives What 's the Matter Canadian Chapter and Facebook Censorship. So whip out your Brain Cells on this one... and let's duel it out!

As Iron Sharpens Iron, so one Person Sharpens Another.” Proverbs 27:17. This statement is one of our number one Mission Statement for D.D.P. studios Inc. It is our foundation belief in aspiring one another has Professional Artists from all Idioms. To sharpen one another requires direct honesty, courage to support your opinion, the courage to admit defeat when your logic has failed, and finally, more importantly, no fucking backstabbing of each other in petty little children games. For all Human Beings on this planet in examining the past, present, and our possible future, our History would simply show how our Egos are so polluted with misconceptions of society, culture, religion, politics and to one another. We are all being led by someone else’s Narrative of Events like Donkeys following different colour carrots on sticks, but then there are those that stand out and say “Excuse Me…. Why does God need a Spaceship?” Captain Kirk

This dialogue that perpetuates only duality thinking is so unhealthy for us especially in light of the wondrous Technologies we have today. We have Star Trek Tricoders in our hands and at the same time we are stepping over street people sleeping over subway grids in the dead of winter. Yeaaaaah, we are intelligent? It would be nice to call us ourselves intelligent but frankly we are not intelligent at all

. Is the measurement of intelligence based upon our ability to make Computers? Go to the Moon? Create Cool Drones? Skype with a Friend from New Zealand? or Develop Cheez in a can with no cheese. Is being intelligent perhaps really more about our behavior toward one another and our emotional reactions to events, stories around us. Are we critical thinkers or reactive thinkers? The reason I bring Star Trek into the mix is because the whole reason why the series got so popular was because it was the only Sci-Fi Series that showed a positive future for Humanity which rang true to most peoples desires. The Star Trek is a world where starvation was eliminated and cultures were celebrated and each individual had a choice in their part of humanity to pursue happiness. This is the real key to the success of the Star Trek series.

It saddens me that we rather follow the crowd or follow Trump or Hillary, cuz you just not allowed to hate both.

“JC you have to pick a side”, they would always say. “No” I would say “Why does God need a Spaceship?” I was asked if I would go to a Trump Protest, I said no because he hasn’t done anything yet to warrant a protest? The day that Trump starts going on the War Path against the American People, then yea I would protest. But right now, he just got in office and for some reason he his guilty because someone in a Tie on the News Station Said So.

Funny when people are "dualistic" in thinking they tend to forget the complexity of a Culture of Humans Beings as a whole. Every time I say something bad about Hillary, I am automatically accused of being a Trump Supporter and I said I don’t support either and there seems to be a tension that arises because I won’t take a side. Nor would I go to a H