For the record; a person has no right to take the life of another unless it's in self defense, and accidental. In my opinion, the Quebec Mosque Massacre was obviously premeditated and simply murder. But let's be honest, white men don't normally go into Mosques and kill people. There have been mass shootings by a few famous incidents, predominantly in America... but normally this is done by Islamic terrorists. It has been said, that "not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim..." I normally agree with this statement although today, it has been proven to be less true. However not far from the fact that the majority of terrorist attacks in the last 50 years have been conducted by Muslims. In the end, I'd like to say, that this is a heinous crime against humanity! To play God and remove people through killing them, is against God and a wicked sin! This was not an act in self defense. Maybe our governments in the West need to do a better job, of making those that question the true inspirations of the Islamic communities, and to get answers to how they feel concerning their security. Maybe Islamic communities need to do a better job in promoting a new face of Islam that utterly condemns terrorism?!

And does not strive to change or alter laws of host countries and does more to integrate?! Maybe Muslims and Christians and Jews, need to sit down and seriously discuss the HOT TOPICS that often divide us and make the WEST concerned that Islam is not compatible with our culture? There are so many things that need to change concerning our way of thinking BUT THINKING AND DISCUSSING AND DEBATING MUST HAPPEN without fear of being called Islamophobic or racist or hate speakers! And criticism of ones ideology that leads to hate MUST NOT BE BANNED but these hot topics should be dealt with in a fashion that is constructive! And what's more, is that Parents and teachers need to teach that human life is SACRED! That the essence of the Creator resonates within each and everyone of us. We are all, just simply children grown up doing and saying and believing what our parents and grown ups around us are doing! We really need to change our hearts and get off our judgmental high horses and learn to respect our humanity!

All of this is easier said than done, but if we cannot, the worse is yet to come.