It's has been said so often, that money can't buy you happiness. Yet we'd all have to admit, that having lots of it, does make living a hell of lot easier! Yet I feel that true happiness and peace of mind comes from the amount of time we spend doing the things we like as opposed to the things we must for money. A few fortunate souls out there have found a way to make a living, even great wealth from their hobbies, but most of us just can't wait until 5pm, to get our ass out of there! But does it have to be like this? Will it ever change? Is this what the Bible refers to as "the sweat of our brow?"

Of course there are plenty gravy jobs out there. And many that don't produce much pain, sweat or suffering either. Still we must get up early in the morning once again to face the day that may drag on and on and on and on some more.

We can't all return to the wilderness, can we? Getting off the grid for the modern man or women is easier said than done and it's much easier to watch a survivor guy do it on TV for us than bother ourselves. Let's be honest: mosquitoes suck! But the original pioneers of Canada, for instance were farmers or hunters and not mentioning the First Nations. They lived off the land. They also kept only what they needed to survive and were for the most part content.

Where have we come? We have resorted to selling products that very often, we do not need; which, in turn, has us buying what we don't need either. If we ALL wanted to return to living in nature, could we? Could we return to living as hunter, gathers? Really?

I have begun making camping a part of my family life. Camping with 3 young boys all under 10 isn't easy to say the least. Yet it's very important, to spend more time in nature, making a fire, building a tent, fishing and looking at the stars at night. Such, I believe, to be the actual real living we as Adam and Eve were meant for. All the other trappings of the modern world, seems like an off topic obsession gone mad!

Now, I'm not knocking technological advancements and modern medicine and science, but 10 brands of toilet paper for wiping my ass?!? Really?

And INFORMATION! Wow! Do we really need to know EVERYTHING, all the time? How much of what we know, is true? There is just so much out there. Where do we start? We need to hurry up and stop! And I don't mean the traffic jam you have found yourself in, I mean, shut off. Shut it all off for a day, weekend, week or year.

Unplug. Stop pretending you are a Cyborg.