CMW 2017 -Jess Moskaluke & High Valley

CMW the Canadian Music Week 2017 and what a great week it was, full of great bands who simply played their hearts out to great fans and new audience members alike, and this year I managed to capture a moment of a different idiom of music for myself. Usually, I would be chasing bands that are my favourites idioms such has Alternative Rock, or Edgy Rock, or Grunge Rock, but this year my co-host SAM AL got me to look into a little bit of Country. I dropped by Saturday night to see Jess Moskaluke and High Valley at The Great Hall on Queen Street West; and, Holy Sexy, talented musical performances to be easily remembered.

Performing for the Canadian Music Week, hosted by the Great Hall and Presented by SirusXM Radio; these Musicians stomped the house with a great show, the energy in the air was simply infectious for a lack of a word.

Now honestly my distaste for the Country Idiom was misplaced especially after its evolution from my time growing up in a small rural Northern Town of Timmins Ontario where my Parents (God Love Them) would play Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn and HEE HAW.

and thought that was the crux of music. Yet, growing up has a musician, a young gay boy who wrote his first symphony in Grade 11 and finished an Opera by Grade 13, I understood music and notation and the gradual understanding progressive Chords and performance. So at the time Country was simply an easy music to be understood, but later on in my years has a professional Artist, I realized it was much more that just the chords passing by in my head after watching a performance. It was the all including soul aspect of singing and the poetic lyrics and the symmetry of a Band to play for an audience night after night. That is where I see music now, a combination of several Art forms, and being a composer and not much of a performer as such, I always loved the discipline of Musicians coming together to perform. Performance is difficult it’s a do or die scenario but good bands don’t just have great talent but also a tight virtue of tenacity to work at their skills, and you can see them working hard at their craft when they make a performance look flawless and easy. The rehearsals the compositions, the lyrics, the look, even down to the Technical sound Engineer too, the venue they all contribute to a great concert. As far as Jess Moskaluke and High Valley well holy crap what a great performance to satisfy any fan or non-Country fan. Last time I was at the Great Hall for Canadian Music Week was with my interview with Hunter Valentine, which was an awesome time then as it was at this Concert.

I managed to get in contact with Jess Moskaluke and was going to get an interview for this article, but the business of satisfying fans, VIPS and the amount people she had to meet was the sad moment when I realized that I would have to catch her next time, perhaps an interview in our studio on DDP Vradio? But good things travel, I spoke with another journalist friend whom had more experience in covering Country than I and he told me that Jess Moskaluke was a beautiful person, she is kind, humble funny and a great musician. Coming from her hit single Cheap Wine and Cigarettes, to now drinking a 2010 Chateau de Margaux and Sobranie Cigarellos and certainly deserving after recently just winning a Juno award; it would have been great to hear her sentiments of how she felt as an Artist.

But for sure next time we will get in touch with Jess Moskaluke and perhaps SAM AL will lose his moment for once in performance which rarely happens when he does meet her. But for sure after a great week at Canadian Music Week with such great bands with a little bit Country and a little bit Rockn’ Roll. I now have a great respect for the Country Idiom more than I ever had before, and High Valley, well Hubba Hubba, God what a good looking talented band.