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One of my favourite Documentaries on the Economy is the Four Horsemen and Gillian Tett the Assistant Editor – Financial Times stated so clearly that it’s not necessarily about controlling the production of money that’s important but more so controlling the cognitive map the way we think.

In an Age of (LOL) of Fake News, with rumours of Wars, accusations, with instant communications to millions of people in a single moment in time, I believe this statement to be more true than ever. Even Jesus was considered a threat because of his way of thinking. The Pharisees and Romans had much of its Citizens ruled by fear of the Empire and this Jesus a Nazarene comes by and wakes people up of their passions with stories of Communion with one another or shall I say a healthy true Community.

There is one thing that the Four Horsemen Documentary has taught me is that like the invention of the printing press at the time, as education increased and started to spread among the regular Citizens, questions are raised when the Nobility are caught with corruption which then lead to riots; so it is today for the invention of the Internet. Like the Nobility at the time had lost the control of the way people thought, there needed to be some changes to be made to keep the peace.

Is today not the same?

The Oligarchy of today have lost control of the way we think. The Corporate press, television, radio, film, all of these medias are no longer the primary source of information. Have you not noticed the merging of television stations into huge Monopolies. If you are a Producer, you pitch now to 4 Acquisition Managers ... One for Bell Media, one for Rogers, one For Chorus/Global because Shaw just sold Global to Chorus and of course CBC. Furthermore, many see their industries shrinking, but they continue to lobby through the CRTC to destroy this new technology the Internet rather than join in the medium to compete fairly with others. Thus the outright lying to hurt competition to gain success in obtaining green pieces of paper over the value of souls. We are not just talking about innocent lies, but clear abusive lies to create a chaos, suffering and finally death of the Human Soul.

Our systems are now designed to create invisible shackles LABELED FREEDOM in gold, shackles that are pretty, but are tied to a very flawed system of equity and fairness.

It is a funny thought, Love and Justice is the primary message of Jesus and yet it’s the least preached about within pulpits worldwide.

But more so Churches/Mosques/Buddhist Temples have falling to slavery of money as well, thus making sermons/speeches less potent thus giving followers just enough peace for them to wanting to come back. But then, truthfully, and again all Religions are subject to the worship of Money! Is Money inherently evil or is our attitude and reaction toward money the problem. Would you lie to protect your wealth? The answer would be yes. However, if I phrased the questions this way “Would you lie, knowing it would hurt someone, to protect your wealth? The answer would probably be no and for some yes, and the yes answers to some is what scares me. Because, as an Artist I wanted the question to probe an ethical response to see how we value a soul. So the question “Do we value money more than the value of Human Soul?” I say the answer lies not in the No or Yes but in the intention, we would say yes to the value money over a soul because we are trying to protect our own soul and the souls we know from hardship?! That is the crux of the system, preying on your own prejudice making it impossible to be in Communion with other Human Beings in fear of not being able to protect and feed the Human Beings you actually know and love. Yes that is probably the most common unconscious reason, simply programmed into your subconscious through years of bad Television/Films/News/Books/Magazines/Radio and now the Internet with now censorship from Facebook, Google and probably many others now onboard this great push to have you ignore your own Neighbour. Your Neighbour is not just people you like, your Neighbour should be also that person your require tenacious patience and understanding and we all have them. The Censorship posed by Facebook and Google at the moment with special Algorithms to control the flow of information in Search Engines is simply a sign that the Oligarchy of today have much to hide and want control again over the flow of information.

The current Cognitive Map is based upon fear and economic status and a true disconnections of worlds even when people live on the same block, and yet we are taught to be independent, self sufficient, secure, and taught to go to school, get a good paying job, earn has much money has you can, get married, have 2.5 kids, a Lexus, and Audi in the Driveway to a Beautiful home that cost so much money that you will never pay it off in your lifetime. But you all look good in the eyes of others, and yet deep down your own neighbours have fears, loves, desires, disappointments, pains, dreams, just like you. Yet we try to disconnect in order not to be taken by Vampires and DoucheBags as described by Carla Collins in her book “Angels, Vampires & DoucheBags” whom seem the need to manipulate friendships for personal gain, rather than value the attraction that started the friendship to begin win.

Again, what spawns Vampires and DoucheBags? I believe a lot of it is conditioning from one Family History to another, and many times these vile characters were once good people whom seem to have been infected because of the imposed systemic Environment. I always said that Poverty Creates an Income and it sure does, if Poverty didn’t exist, then you wouldn’t nee