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The Weeknd Spot Concert @ 65 Spencer Ave?

Dear The Weeknd and Ladies and Gentlemen or Gender Choosing, we wish to extend an invitation to The Weeknd to do a Spot Concert at 65 Spencer Avenue, in T.O. where our modest Company has been established for the last 7 years. My name is Jean-Claude Lafond and I have died and survived somehow, and my road to recovery has been one of tenacious endeavour to better myself, currently on a disability cheque because no one will hire me, I decided to not feel sorry for myself and cry about it, so like a good Canadian I picked up my Camera again and made a movie and started a company, of which happens to be in the same house where The Weeknd experienced his past, to which he used his experience to create great works of art today. Now for the fact that 65 Spencer Avenue, is in His Music Video, House of Balloons and also on this latest commercial from PUMA.... with the full house on the cover.. The amount of visitors has increased ten fold especially during the summer months. We don't mind helping your fans take photographs of the building and manytimes we show inside the building when we have time We appreciate our Canadian Talent, but along the way we were wondering if you can help quite a few Professional Artists as well in this building, whom could use a publicity boost and a thank you with a proposed spot concert at 65 Spencer Avenue when you come to T.O. in September 2017. Drake does the Mall, you should do 65 Spencer Avenue, if you are interested, please let us know, you can reach myself jeanclaude@ddpstudios.com or joenutter@ddpstudios.com we would be glad to help set it up. Let us know. Kindly your Artists in Arms. To Vote Go to the Subway Scrolls Main Page or give a Heart Below....

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Inquiries e-mail:  jeanclaude@ddpstudios.com

Phone: 647-857-9212

Address:  65 Spencer Ave, Unit 202

                 Toronto ON  M6N 2K7