The sad and tragic loss of such innocent life and to such a degree in peace time is wretchedly sickening and confusing all at the same time. If only a mentally deranged or bitterly angry person watching these faces could somehow realize the devastation that hatred and pure acts of evil such as the massacre in Vegas caused, then maybe they could have a change of heart?!? Maybe because I am not cursed with the disease that must have plagued the mind of the killer, but I cannot fathom taking the life of another human being... if not accidentally in the act of self defense or as a soldier at war,

BUT AS A FATHER who loves his children, has to in turn see that each one of these victims are also just children, grown up. And although there is probably much hatred towards the killer, he too is just a child grown up and obviously gone astray! But it makes me wonder; why are we breeding such killers? People talk of gun control and of course civilians shouldn't be able to buy a machine gun, yet there is a far greater underlining problem. Maybe it's time for America to simply mix Prozac or chamomile tea into our water?!? NO it's not a laughing matter, but American families need to sit around the table and hold hands in prayer again before stuffing the turkeys and cranberry sauce down our throats this coming Thanksgivings! (I'm Canadian and it is this weekend) Seriously! Was there really no signs of madness in the killers life that could have tipped off neighbours and eventually the authorities? As a parent I have to be very careful what goes into the heart and mind of my three wild and woolly boys who do play with Nerf guns! I did. Cops and Robbers was my favourite fun as a young lad but I haven't shot anyone or felt it to be right to do so! Some say it's the drugs and the alcohol that make people do bad shit... but I think it's the mentality of a person that when mixed with those things make for an explosive situation. The same with guns; if you aren't a stable person, you shouldn't be allowed to own a fire arm. The gun doesn't make you do it... that's the Devils job! And then again, you don't have to listen to him, do you! But that's the point. How can anyone possibly kill another person or rather commit the mass murder of unarmed civilians in peace time if not for Satanic or being psychologically deranged?! The same too of members of ISIS. I can't imagine it. As a human sharing this planet with you, I feel no greater than anyone else! Your soul is SACRED and so to is mine. I have no right to take another life (except for the extreme cases of self defense, protecting my family from direct and serious harm or in war time). Yet maybe we have forgotten and have no longer been taught that EVERY SINGLE SOUL IS SACRED! All of my children are miracles! No person of any race or creed or nationality is any better than anyone else! Period! ALL ARE SACRED. I believe that each and everyone should have the right to live and die with DIGNITY! Have we forgotten?! Please parents and teachers, make our children know they are special. Create an atmosphere that enables them to be better people and always make them feel welcome to speak about their feelings and what's in their hearts and minds. Children can either grow up knowing they are loved for who and what they are: sacred souls to be cherished OR we will continue to raise killers without even knowing it and it will be too late! God help us all.