RT Propaganda?

RT Propaganda?

I have never been so perturbed, somewhat angry, disappointed but more so like Stan from South Park, appalled in disbelief, “Really?!”

I It would seem that people in general need a fresh perspective on these issues. When I mean perspective, I mean get a real perspective by being like a Hawk and fly above all the players and see the details from that perspective. Recently, the Project VERITAS Files have been such a disclosure of horrible Journalism, horrible ethics, even from the New York Times even though some of Okeefe’s tactics may seem sinister and perhaps questionable, but it still does not negate the truth about what was said off camera on camera, these are reputable journalist from institutions that state and preach high ethics in truth telling and confess to truth that the Russian Gate is a “Nothing Burger”.

Check out Project VERITAS Files of CNN Reporters/Executive Producers stating that the Russian story is a “Nothing Burger” including the Executive Reporter for the NYT.

What is so amazing is the Russia Red Commie Rage happening. From the very beginning when Hillary Clinton lost the election and said it was the Russians, I said “wow?!” she obviously didn’t realize what year it is; I thought it was a nervous slip from her 80’s moment. I am so sadden to see these fine institutions like the NYT and CNN caught in such a fashion, and they will most likely go down in History has FAKE News. The fact is that my statement, I just made is very much truthful in various degrees. I used to watch CNN, MSNBC and read the NYT, but since these videos came out, I have hard time believing in the Ethics they so claim to hold, when it is obvious there is another voice that these institution are now repeating, they have become pretty Parrots repeating the same seeds that have been given to them. For them, it’s about keeping their jobs by just repeating what we tell you… and that is the truth about what is going on. People would say, “Oh you’ve been fooled by the Russian sponsored Television station run by an Intelligent Woman who happens to be Russian. “Really?” BBC is state run, CBC is Federal run so far, Al Jazeera is also state run, so perhaps they should register has foreign agents? Since I do watch RT News, Al Jazeera, Guardian, BBC News, CBC News, CP24 for Traffic, Global News, The Real News.com, TYT, The Jimmy Dore Show, Democracy Now, Press for Truth, and yea Alex Jones until they get all pissy with testosterone on the issue of guns. But recently, this Russia, Russia, Russia, Rachel Madow has not stopped talking about Russia, she sounds like some Jan on the Brady Bunch Movie “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.”

Let us be honest Russia has changed a lot in the last 20 years since capitalism has won, I am not to say that Russia has no sinister agendas, because they do, WikiLeaks did reveal over 800 thousand documents of Russian Government and Businesses, including the collusion takeover of the Uranium One deal for instance during the Obama Administration under Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State. There have also been over 5 books written already on Russia’s Evil Present/Past Deeds, from Politicians to Business People. Yet, I have never found RT news itself to avoid any of its own Corruption, because it highlights it all the time, like the recent scandal of Russian Olympic Athletes caught doping. I found nothing wrong with the reporting from RT, and frankly I find them more objective to the facts and truly Questions More on events than our normal Canadian/US Corporate Media counterparts. Yet what is more sinister is the Dark path that the United States is on; especially in bringing an old law from 1938 that was meant to stop NAZI propaganda during the Second World War. RT was singled out in a meeting, and accused without evidence that RT was a Propaganda Platform, also without Evidence to be giving such a label by Senators who are simply bullying the CEO of Google/YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Check this out!

WHAT A WITCH HUNT! What is so disgraceful as well is PBS not allowing comments under the video to hear the true public outcry. You know Socrates was right, after watching this video, there is a flaw in DEMOCRACY, “… just because a whole bunch of dumb people agree on something, it doesn't always mean it’s a good thing for its Citizens.” And now I have never seen so many Dumb Senators, just repeating the same words like Parrots. “RT Propaganda Station” There is no conviction just drama, like an old episode of Dynasty. It is highly unethical in making demeaning and evil accusations to any Company or Group of people without having substantial evidence. It is unbelievable, that they would single out RT has being propaganda news when CNN and NYT got caught with serious evidence of their collusion of the false Russian Narrative. What happened to free speech, what happened to these Social Media Giants that are now bending over and taking it up the ass to these passive aggressive Nazis and that includes the Democrats/Republican Senators accusing RT for being a Propaganda news Station?! I guess it has nothing to do with disclosures from DNC emails showing massive corruption from the Clintons Charities or the evidence of collusion to rig the primaries for the DNC, removing the only plausible progressive candidate to be President Bernie Sanders.

In recent months I was kicked off Facebook, for the following photographs,