AJIT PAI a SHAMEFUL FATHER - So Says The Gay Prophet


And sadly is failing as a Human Being

Dear Ajit:

It is unconscionable what you are doing? You understand the sensitivity of the issue of Net Neutrality and its importance and especially in light of the facts that even the Fathers and Creators of the Internet have spoken against your plan to disband Net Neutrality protections. You lied on television, not only to the Nations Citizens of the United States, you lied to your Children who will grow up knowing that their Father is a liar, and manipulator, and had the hand in the destruction of freedom and liberties of the Internet , which I thought the United States stood for. You shame Fathers everywhere, of proposing such barbaric lies and deception and double speak about disbanding such freedoms. You put your family at risk and for what, money?! You owe Verizon another Favour.?! I have listened to your well prepared scripts over and over again, and no one is buying it. Your data is flawed beyond measure. Step Down Ajit for the love of Humanity you are going to cause a civil war in the United State what’s wrong with you? Perhaps you need a good sit down and examine your Humanity because you are failing tremendously.

And that’s why you are a poor FATHER, A MAN, AND SADLY A HUMAN BEING. Your Ego is so polluted with misconceptions, please step down and join the rest of Humanity and we will most likely forgive you… it’s never too late… and we’ll send you as much Reese’s Pieces Butter Cups ... or we’ll send three Drag Queens on Christmas Eve to haunt you bitch…. and Honey they are not going to look like Rue Paul…