It is unbelievable what is happening in the United States of America, every day I seem to wake up to another Sex Scandal of a Celebrity or Reporter or Senator who is being accused of sexual harassment that happened 20 or even 40 years ago. It would seem that these individual are simply guilty without due process? For example Senator Al Franken who for some reason needs to resign over a sexual harassment accusation over 20 years ago. Why would he need to resign when he claims that the scandal was not true, so the new trend is ACCUSATION = Guilt! So now woman can simply accuse a man of sexual harassment and with no proof or due process and that individual is treated in the media as automatically guilty. Remember Ghomeshi here in Canada in the end we found out that the two ladies whom accused him of sexual harassment and rape were colluding together and lying. But yet Ghomeshi is still guilty regardless of the two Women whom were caught lying about their testament and colluded together to make sure Ghomeshi was charged. What is really going on, Ghomeshi’s lawyer, a Woman, demonstrated that the day after the rape the two accused Woman are in loving photographs with Ghomeshi all smiling having a good time the next day. If you were raped you wouldn't be having a selfie with the guy that raped you the next day. People always ask me Jean-Claude you sound like you are not for Womans rights. On the contrary yes I am for Woman Rights but the right to falsely charge another Human Being by lying and cheating the system because of petty jealousy, no I am not for that. When I was working has a Security Guard when I was in University, I remember I worked as Guard Inspector checking sites and then drove back to Communications Office for more orders, and at that time the Communications Officer was a Woman whom decided one day, to try to make her boyfriend jealous to accuse me of Sexual Harassment at work. Well for those who know me, you now know how that backfired on that woman, whom I insisted on here getting fired for defamation of character. You should have seen it, I was called off my School Day to go to the Office, of which I was greeted by three Woman three Men in the Office. I realized that this was a Witch Hunt, and they were going to charge me, have me arrested and that was it. So, I listened to every Woman lying on behalf of the other lying Woman saying that they felt has a Woman that what was alleged said that they would feel uncomfortable. So, after all their sermons, I stood up and said “are you done”, and they all looked surprised and then I remember saying “Now after I speak you have one choice you will fire that Communications Officer and if not there will be a huge lawsuit against all you here and this Company.” They started laughing at me, even the Female Police Officer, and then I said them “I am a big fucking FAG, I am a cock sucker, I have no interest in Vagina's.” At first they wouldn't believe me, and I told them, I could demonstrate with one of the men in the room. Of course now everything went silent. I got up and said “I want that sorry excuse for a fucking Woman Fired by the end of the day.” Actually, the Female Officer was actually not going to allow me to leave, and I remember seriously looking at her, don’t even think of it. In the end they did Fire her but I found out later after I left the Company they hired her right back. Frankly I should have charged her to set precedents against faulty and idiotic Woman whom would think to do this again. I am a big proponent of Woman’s Equal Rights and let me restate EQUAL rights. The problem with Feminism today is that they don’t want Equal Rights to Men they want a Matriarch over Men. But then some Feminist groups are not Matriarchal in intent and those groups I support. “AGAIN, WOMAN CAN BE HAS EVIL, HAS MUCH AS MEN CAN.” Wise and Intelligent Woman would agree and they all hate these types of Woman who gossip and create lies with false accusations. These cheating, lying Woman should be Booed and exposed for their horrible behavior.

So all these scandals coming out from Celebrities to Politicians just because they have been Accused does not mean they are Guilty. ACCUSATION DOES NOT EQUAL GUILT. So our News Media should be careful how they phrase these reports! Again, an ACCUSATION DOES NOT EQUAL GUILT.

All you intelligent Woman out there, please speak out, and stop following accusations that may or may not be true.