2017 The Year of WTF?

Yea WTF happened to our Countries our Governments our Corporations and the People that work for it? WTF happened that we have begun so desensitized of the bloodshed, the deception, the corruption of Human Beings against Human Beings. WTF happened when you start realizing that our Governments are turning into more corrupt than Mobsters from the 1920s and our Companies cannot see Humanity suffering through the dwindling middle class and the divide of the poor. WTF happened in 2017 in the 21st Century our Great Technologies but yet we cannot get rid of poverty because poverty makes a lot of money. WTF happened in 2017 that people die of Cancer unnecessarily when all you know deep down in your gut, there is a Cure for Cancer, right now, being suppressed by greedy men and woman. And if you doubt me take a deep breath and think of the following, we’ve deciphered the DNA and Genetic code of our Physiology, we have entered the Golden AGE of Technology where we have tricorders in our hands, and we have discovered what causes us to Age, and we managed to reverse the age of a cell in the laboratory. With all this knowledge, you can’t cure CANCER, bull shit. WTF is wrong with all you not questioning the status quo and demanding a cure. WTF is wrong with government feeding from the lobbyist of industries whom want to keep the status quo on the treatment for Cancer.

WTF is wrong with our Politicians who cannot seem to understand Alternative Treatments is just as viable and should be funded. Why fund an archaic system that doesn’t cure or prevent? WTF is wrong with our ideology! WTF is wrong in 2017 when we realize our Newsrooms are full of Bull Shit and you know it but you don’t say anything because you don’t want to be labeled a conspiracy theorist. WTF has happened to us when it is easier to fool the fool than to convince the fool who’s has been fooled that they have been fooled. WTF happened when dialogue and speech are been controlled, redefined and popularized without thought or wisdom. WTF happened to Human Beings making accusations of sovereign nations either in the Newsroom or in Politics without any proof! WTF is wrong with us, Human Beings who keep yelling Environment, Save our Planet bull shit!! The Planet is fine, it’s gonna go on by itself with or without us WTF! WE NEED TO SAVE OURSELVES from these f’n greedy Oil/Coal CEO'S who need to be arrested today!!@!!!!! WTF is wrong with us when Politicians, CEO'S are not charged or arrested for their crimes? WTF is wrong with the workplace when employees are so frightened to exercise their Labour rights because they are scared of getting fired. WTF is wrong with Employees in 2017 not standing up for each other and simply walk off the job until you get paid a fair cost of living wage! WTF is wrong with scared pussies of Human Beings who cannot even stand up for their fellow Human Being. WTF is wrong with Human Beings whom seem to think the way we celebrate Christmas is what Jesus would want?

There is one thing for sure, before you start celebrating tonight on New Year’s Eve, remember one thing, take up glass up for all those unnecessary deaths, and give up a glass to all those Heroes who constantly fight behind the scenes for a better community. Raise a glass and promise to yourself that you will be a better Human Being and support your fellow employee when there is corruption of labour laws. Raise a glass all you workers out there and promise each other you will walk off the job until you get paid a living working wage. Take up glass and be the f’n best Human Being for 2018 where you will challenge the status quo, and challenge the current thoughts, challenge your Politicians, Your Journalists, The News Shows, Celebrities and all members of the Evil Oligarchy, who have rapped you of your standard of living. WTF! So Drink up and be Merry and give yourself a deep promise that true LOVE and true JUSTICE will rule in the year 2018.