Well, my Biggest Wish today is us, to return to Communities that actually truly give a shit about each other. You know what I mean, like a real Community when you haven’t heard from your neighbour in a long time, you go up and knock on the door to make sure things are ok. I remember mothers telling us children to go knock on the door and see if the neighbour needed anything to make sure that things were ok. We did that because we were Canadians and everyone did it.

I love this great Jamaican statement “It takes a Village to raise a Child!” True and True. In essence I am grateful for the fact that I also come from a small town of Timmins Ontario which granted me this type of behaviour. To care for your neighbour in a respectful but profound way that brings brotherly “Philo” love, and justice to watch out for each other. And some Communities believe they are in Community, but they are so fake, you can tell, the façade… deep down they curse each other and never get into Communion which is where the word Community comes from. Now when you think of Communion you think of Jesus and the Twelve Disciples Las Supper Painting with Mel Brooks holding a plate behind them.

Communion is very intimate, and not necessarily in a sexual way, but more so in a soul to soul way. Where we lay the chips of our infractions and our true feelings of one another, to reach what Scott Peck would call a Glorious Chaos moment before true community is formed. The Great White West was not won by a single individual, it was survived by a group of individuals. The problem today is we’ve gotten into the independence mode, where we give up connections with people so easily for square footage. To tell you the truth I do miss the small community city like Timmins. But I realize now that Community doesn’t have to be the whole town, it could be a section of your town. Personally, I live in Parkdale and frankly don’t regret it. The Community has changed quite a bit over the years, and I learned quite a bit of its History and have grown quite fond of the Neighborhood. This is my Community, and where we live all of us, our friends of which we even take care of each other’s pets when some neighbours need to leave out of town.

My Biggest Wish is that you all find this Community of where you live, and find true Communion with your Neighbours, family and friends. That is truly my Biggest Wish.