“Can you act like a Possum JC, stay low and shut up!” How many times I hear this from people coming in and out of my life. But the thing is, NO I can’t shut up, not at a time when things in the world are the way they are. If our Society, its Politics were at the level of our great technologies then everyone around me would have the right to tell me to shut up.

Yet look at us! There are Reputable news stations becoming like tabloids just drumming up the beat of war, with Russia Gate fake stories to Serine Gas Stories from Syria. But it would seem that no one wanted to hear from Robert Fisk an award winning Journalist whom was on the ground in Dumas and reported that there was no gas attack. The footage was staged and the water was unnecessary and the people were suffering from Hypoxia, which is a breathing condition due to excessive dust particles in the air. It would seem that the RussiaGate story was also bull shit, there is no substantial evidence to that as well. So, there seems to be more manipulation of truth of what the true cognitive map should be. Sometimes I wake up in the morning thinking after seeing my cell phone, and realizing its wonders that we should be living frankly in a Utopia where Human Kind had found its purpose. We haven’t, we have more starving people on the earth . more corruption worldwide and more war than any time in history. I am not proud of that and neither should you. So I will not shut up when families are torn apart from a financial crisis. I will not shut up when Bankers get away scott free with a Ponsi scheme and don’t go to JAIL. I will not shut up when our News media like CNN goes tabloid for WAR drumming the beat down your throat with beautiful phraseologies and half truths that you don’t have to time to research because your life is so busy working two jobs to keep your children in par with the Montessori School that you can’t afford. I will not shut up until Justice is not run by a bunch of Bankers… and if you are educated in that sector you would start laughing because it’s true. I will not shut up when our Politicians are so in bed with Corporate Interests and do not have the interests of the people and its’ needs. I will not shut up until our Societies become more Humane with Empathy, at its core and kindness and love and confidence. We are an aggressive species I get it… instead spend it on SPORTS, like holy crap man and I don’t mean macabre Blade Runner sports. I mean Hockey, Football, Soccer (previously named Football) and the list goes on. We do not need this aggression toward each other in a form of WAR, it is time for a new way of thinking. So I will not shut up until PEACE occurs. I will not shut up and I WILL confront the idiotic coup legislation presented by the Liberal Government on the legalization of weed.