Faith to write an article perhaps all on deaf ears, so what is FAITH? You have faith every day, FAITH in a FIAT monetary system, Faith that you will have a job tomorrow. You have FAITH in your Doctor and FAITH to put Na-pone in your blood if you have Cancer. If you have FAITH in the morning when you cross the street, knowing that people will obey the street laws. Faith is everything we do. We have FAITH in a GOD or FAITH that your religion is better than the other one. We have faith in our speculative stock market Ponsi scheme, and yet you still use it has a measurement that it measures a good economy LMFAO.

Which is still a complete lie, but you will have faith that the lie is more true because you were told to have FAITH in the scam. You are told to have faith in your Monarchy because they so deserve everything when Human Beings are dying more today of starvation than ever before in History. We have more homelessness than ever before we have more poverty, more crime, more wars, more corruption, more death, more manipulation of truth, more injustice than ever before in history and yet you all have FAITH that EVERYTHING IS.... OK Why? Because you have FAITH that your company will treat you with respect or you have FAITH that your friends will treat you with equality or treat you with respect. But FAITH is only an action, just because you have FAITH in something it doesn't mean that FAITH is the truth. For instance if you have Faith in ISLAM, is the religion all true? Many Muslims believe in FAITH because it’s ingrained into every child to have FAITH in Mohamed and every other religion is wrong! Christianity is the same they have Faith in a book put together by a bunch of men, which is no different than the Quran’ a whole set of beliefs that are set in motion by particular Human Beings whom wanted everyone to conform and obey.

If you don’t have FAITH in these religions or governments or Ponsi Scam Financial systems then you are ridiculed, and no just ridiculed but mocked, denied, and forced to a life of disrespect and condemnation because you believe the sky is actually blue and not purple.

Photo by Jean-Claude Lafond

The current Royal Wedding is a disgrace to Humanity as a whole, this display of wealth to the masses is just a rub in your nose THAT YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT but they are and it’s a reminder that your not. Fuck you Royal Family…. Why should anyone have that much wealth and affluence when the world is IN CHAOS including their own people in England. Fuck you Royal Family, I would like to see you FEEL the same pain and hopelessness that your Family has created for the hate and inequality, chaos, wars, famine, starvation,... with this massive polluted egos of grandeur You don’t deserve it, when using the Tax Payers money for the Royals period. Yet, it would be nice to see a wedding of the Royals if all of England were stuffed with good food and cheer, goods jobs/purpose, good income, safe housing, and the Society was Blessed than yeah Bitches The Royal Family is awesome.... and let's have a party an expensive one. I would be the first one to fly down to see what she she was wearing.... and see how tight the military uniforms were. The Excessive Affluences at a time when Society needs its Royalty to Give a Lot More for the Happiness of its people. But many of you have FAITH in a set of Humans Beings in the world whom have caused nothing but suffering and pain in the while your are Bewitched by background of this illusion of their Beauty. It’s like ELLEN DeGeneres, I wanted to be on her show and even had a bet with my friend Audley Coley of whom would get on her show first. But now I want to Vomit, no longer do I have that desire, after she interviewed a war monger, named former President George Bush and she even did the dance with him. The same Ellen who preaches non violence, no guns, and yet she has a Man on her show, whom killed 1.4 million, Men, Woman, Children and Other in IRAQ, on an illegal war, whom lied to the American Public about weapons of mass destruction, and whom had intricate part in the killing of the 911 incident. What is wrong with everyone!? Why would Ellen even think of having that fucker on her show, I am so disappointed, I thought Ellen stood for peace. At one time I was going to make a request to be on her show with Jesus Meets The Gay Man, but after that, fuck that, I would rather be on the Jimmy Dore Show at least the man talks the truth and would never Entertain War Mongers on His Show.

So go ahead have FAITH in your delusional Politicians, Monarchy, Celebrities, CEOS', your frivolous money, and all that you possess. Have FAITH, it’s all about collecting things, collecting houses, getting the bigger square footage than your neighbour, it’s about how many cars you have in the driveway. It’s about who comes to your parties. So have FAITH in these useless people and systems that are so corrupt, and frankly useless to Society. Go ahead have FAITH in these shit heads and in doing so, don’t have FAITH in yourself, and don’t have FAITH in your neighbour, don't have FAITH in Peaceful resolutions, yea don’t have FAITH in your fellow ARTISTS cuz we don’t support each other and never will, not until our egos are not polluted with stinking FAITH issues that clog your logic or you sense of being.

So go ahead have FAITH, have a lot of it, but know this your FAITH in Evil will never fly in the sight of Progressive Thinking, and Peace Makers. I have FAITH that Peace can be achieved easily, if only we stood up together and took these Evil War Mongers/Socialites/Elites out of the picture and start treating them like the Scum of the Earth that They Truly ARE!!!!!. So Wake Up and have FAITH in something wholesome, something true, something right, something Humane for once and look at yourself in what false FAITHS you have been convinced of and that are TRULY, TRULY, TRULY, TRULY EVIL.

Let's face it. We have a Problem when Evil people are treated like Celebrities and that Scares the Shit Out of Me.