• "It's ok to be white?!"

By: Timothy F.H. Doucette

“It’s ok to be white” probably comes from a reaction to Liberals and BLM who raised the “white privilege” flag as a token jester against the white race as a whole and in general. Somehow white people are to be blamed for (historically speaking) conquering other nations and subsequently shoving our Judaeo/Christian Faith, values and way of life on the “native” population who lived there?!

Ok. (I should mention that I am a Caucasian, Canadian, French, British, First Nations person- 400 years of Acadian History, first of the 27 families to arrive and settle in Canada and my Micmac, Blackfoot ancestral ties to this North American continent go back 1000’s of years- and Torontonians will often remind me, that I am still an immigrant, although last of my kind in a multicultural diversity- Do any of the “new” immigrants know the origin of the word Toronto?!? Or “Lac De Taranteau” Was it the Huron s or the Iroquois who named this place?- Some say Toronto means Meeting Place, yet that’s not clear. It’s hard to trace origin- Canada has 2 official languages yet English wins by far... yet what the hell happened to all the First Nation languages? Oh? Sorry. They don’t count. They have been removed from the equation. We need not study the actual history of Canada, instead we create our own “Diversity” and as our fancy socks Prime Minister said “there is no Canadian culture”- yeah, let’s go with that!)

So how did those “Natives” come about to living on those lands that “whites” are blamed for taking over?!? How much blood was shed to conquer the lands known as America or Africa or Australia?!? The “original” peoples of each territory of the earth waged tribal wars in order to conquer a space that they claimed was their land and they fought to protect it! Yet people traveled as the earth got smaller and ships were built and Bla Bla Bla...

YOU CAN BLAME WHITE PEOPLE ALL YOU WANT or maybe take a long look at yourself in the mirror!!! Take a long look into your history and you will find bloody hands of your ancestors selling you out your own people to another or the slaughter of one tribe or another, in a land you now call home. Now call your own!??

We arrive where we are today. We all share the same forefathers of humanity and in the same guilt of blood shedding to claim the right to any place on earth everywhere! We are all racist and to blame (ancestrally speaking) for who and where we came from! We can’t change that!

All we can change is how we live now and our future!

How are we going to raise our children? Kids know that everyone is equal. Of course, they aren’t color blind. Or are they? They know that God created everyone equal! It the parents that can’t accept that. It’s the parents and teachers that have to keep helping each child to be open to the world around them! To be more loving and understand, that EVERY LIVING CREATURE IS SACRED.

This is elementary.