My partner Joe Cool who Hosts THE LEOPARD LOUNGE on Tuesday nights is one of the biggest fanatics when it comes to Halloween and these are his reasons why. You see in today's tradition here in Canada Halloween is about the Party and Trick or Treating which brings out Families and people to venture past their own front yard into the unfamiliar and perhaps familiar neighbours. HALLOWEEN is Community building and thus the true reason why these traditions continue today. It's actually powerful, thus the reason why Joe Cool loves Halloween because you get to decorate to the Macabre and enjoy babies dressed in a Pineapple Suite and see dogs dressed like spiders and see familiar faces in your neighbourhood and to finally have a conversation. A moment of talking within a safe tradition of handing out candy while dressed up to the most superfluous costumes ever seen. These traditions are not to be booed at they are to be celebrated and encouraged. Jesus would agree today that Halloween traditions help build communication within Communities and he would not have a problem handing out candy to kids on Halloween day.

We reported this year in serving over 300 kids at 65 Spencer Avenue of which Joe Cool organized in giving one of the biggest party, to say the least for all Trick or Treaters on the Block. And on that note hope to you see next year and thank you for coming neighbours.