Welcome to ARTISTS INTERRUPTED – A 12 EPISODE Docu-Style miniseries capturing an Event called ART AROUND THE WORLD at the Queen West Art Crawl in Toronto. Whereas Painters along with Musicians Perform Live, all along Queen Street West, while representing over 20 Different Countries and Cultures, showing Art from Around The World. The story is told from a Documentary/Filmmakers perspective; all exploring the deep reasons and mindset, of “Why the need for ART? Or why do ARTIST need to Paint? And why do Musicians need to play Music?” We gain these insights by INTERRUPTING these Artists at the event by asking insightful questions through an informal interview by Seasoned Documentary Filmmakers. ARTISTS INTERRUPTED is as stunningly visually rich TV/Stream Docu-Style series, giving you stories from different Artists, Disciplines, Cultures and all captured through a rich tapestry of using time-lapse Cameras (i.e. capturing the moments from beginning to end of each Painting from each Artist) along with Professional Cinematographers, with original music performed by the Musicians themselves. It is definitely a series that will inspire your soul, to either Pick up a Brush to a Canvas and become an Artist or pick up a SCIMITAR and play Country Music. ARTISTS INTERRUPTED “A Breath of Fresh Air For The Art World.” By Jean-Claude Lafond Réalisateur/Producteur D.D.P. studios Inc. Copyright September 2017