Merry Christmas, no matter how you celebrate your traditions or religious rites with either family or friends or by yourself or if you don’t celebrate Christmas but something else more power to you. I am saying MERRY CHRISTMAS with the intent to remind us of what is valuable during the Season and not the word Christmas itself.

I wrote an article years ago about Christmas being a part of a ridiculous Holiday that has turned into a PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN to remind Citizens of who is Poor and Who is rich and there is much evidence to show it. However, since Christmas won’t go away and I am forced to see Christmas Trees, Santa Claus on one side of the street and on the other side of the street a Human Being in a sleeping bag at -6 over a subway grate, well it’s time for me to revive a new attitude about the Christmas Season, by fighting back against arrogant accepted publicity sentiment, with some wisdom. Just recently my co-Host The URBAN Mystic related a story from Christmas when his family didn’t have much money, Single Mom raising kids, I can just imagine the stress from the Parent at this time of the year. Well The Urban Mystic stated that when the Carolers’ came to the door they would hide and close the lights and pretend they were not home, because they didn’t have money to give to the singers. Sadly this happens in Canada still today.

We hear these stories and many people don’t even have an incline of how this is possible in Canada, but the reality is we are all aware of this, otherwise, why do we become more benevolent at Christmas time trying to connect and to be thankful for the blessings of our current situation. Christmas has this way of bringing our guilt to the surface that we should be more kind to each other or nice, whether it is the years of Christian influence or Santa Claus stories of being good or bad. Yet, in general, most people are kind and warm to begin with, and we want laughter and simply good times.

So what am I writing about? I am writing about starting new traditions, for instance if you want to give FREE GIFTS, the best ones for kids to their parents is clean up your room, do the dishes, help clean up, do your chores without complaining. For parents complete that small project with your daughter or your son that you have been finding excuses not to do for the last year. For parents rich or poor, shop for your kids all year round (got to thank my Mom in Timmins and also Aunt Bonnie Doucette for that one) and I know a lot of woman who do that, they shop for Christmas all year round for their children, friends and family and they stash all these presents in some closet or chest. When Christmas comes around these wise woman are not stressed, because they have enough gifts for everyone and the financial burden is now nothing compared to rushing at the last minute. CUZ we all know the sale doesn’t always happen on BLACK FRIDAY, or Boxing DAY especially for those sentimental gifts and sometimes you don’t always have the money to spend on these days. So, imagine when purchasing in the month of July for Christmas, and thinking about that person you really care about. This tradition is worth taking on. It is such an intimate tradition because your are trying to connect with them in that moment of purchase and you didn’t need a Christmas tree in the mall to tell you to connect. So if you have not done it this year, well there is always the next year. Another tradition, that should be done every year either you are with friends, family, or even alone, you should reflect and have that Christmas moment where you share/reflect on the kind things you have blessed other people with during the year and if you are with company tell each other. Also, I am not talking about grandstanding lie Jim Acosta or talking about it live on Facebook or Television, no, those intimate moments should be with friends and family you have confidence in. It should be a Secret to each other.

Some of my observations is that the Biggest problem with Christmas is that, it would seem it is the only time we reflect on poverty. But after the Season we go on with our lives forgetting and not realizing that poor people are not just poor in the month of November and December. Life does go on but sadly it doesn’t change the facts that we now live in Canada where 62% percent of Canadians are now living pay cheque to pay cheque and I am not talking about extravagant living, as some Conservatives would suggest. No. This is now serious, considering rent now taking almost an entire pay cheque from a regular household, it is absurd. So how do you fight back, well like I said do the FREE Gifts, the kind gestures of taking out the Garbage without being asked, or helping your neighbour shovel snow without asking. Give each other silly crayon coupons that you will do each other’s chores for the next week. or make Breakfast or plan to sing in a Choir at Christmas and do Carol’s without asking for coin. Make a promise to each other on Christmas day or to yourself that you will be more tolerant, benevolent to all people in the following year while sharing/remembering your benevolence of this year.

Also an inexpensive way you can gift is by making something, like what Joe Cool from The Leopard Lounge does every Christmas, making and giving homemade Cranberry Sauce to everyone. My Mom from Timmins used to make medium small meat pies enough for one meal, and give them up for Christmas to to Neighbours wrapped in a bow. There are so many neat personal stuff that you can do, like Molasses Cookies or a Marijuana Cookies if you know how, which will get people ringing their bells for joy, always a cool thing to do.

REALLY DO I NEED TO SAY ANYMORE? YOU ALL GET IT! So don't go all LOIS from Family Guy at Christmas.

Now just have the courage to start a new virtuous tradition for the Christmas Season, and make it your own.

So from my family and from my other family at D.D.P. studios Inc. we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. JUST DO IT!