The recent burning of the Notre Dame Church in Paris and the numerous other attacks on Christians in Paris alone in the last year is disturbing to say the least not because I am a Christian because it’s disturbing, to see this from a purely Humanitarian sense. Personally, I am a Gay Man who believes in something, just nothing specific because a gay guy in my position I can’t piss off any gods at this point, so I keep it neutral. Also disturbing is the shooting of the Mosque in Christ Church New Zealand by a Christian Man with a MAGA hat, horrible tragedy, and also the 103 Christians in Nigeria Slaughtered during a Church service by a Muslim Faction. You would think that Christians would never cheer at a shooting of a Mosque and for sure you would think that Muslims would not cheer the slaughter of Christians in Nigeria. But it is a reality that many people do and now it’s become a bigger problem because of our technologies. Sometimes, what are more disturbing than the atrocity, are our reactions to these atrocities spoken through our technologies, via Social Media Comments to bad Journalists on Television/Newspapers/Radio. We tend to want to defend one group and attack another group. No one should be laughing at a Church burning down, no one should be putting smiley faces when you see someone beautiful is killed or burnt or trashed or ignored. There is so much Intolerance in the world that thus the reason for exercising Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Renewal.

But let’s deal with Intolerance, I wrote this statement on Facebook recently, “Intolerance no matter where it comes from regardless if it is from Islam, Christian, Jews or any other fucking Religion or Race or Gender; Intolerance needs to be addressed and disseminated. There are many lazy thinkers out there that would seem to negate or to try to hide bad behaviour in order to claim that their religion or race or culture or gender or belief is better than anybody else's. Fuck You! Plus if you are a good Human Being you would criticize any bad or horrible behaviour from any group including the groups closest to you. C.S. Lewis once said “There is nothing progressive in not admitting to your own mistakes and being pig headed about it." If Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Wiccans or any Group act intolerant you should stand against it no matter what. That is true thinking and true understanding of human behaviour.”

Atrocities can be mentioned from any group because bad behaviour is found in all Groups of People and our reactions from any devastating attack makes us vulnerable. And when you get an opposing group mocking and laughing at someone’s atrocity and pain well these people are cunts/dicks/gendernewutraldicks/gendernewutralvagaina/maphorditegenitelia. Also to assume that no one is laughing is arrogant to assume innocents and trying to defend ones group interest by ignoring truths is simply wrong thinking. If you don’t change perspective you land up playing tennis in your arguments with back and forth comments and suppositions, it is weak minded and just fuels the fire for more hatred to stir.

The need for forgiveness, reconciliation and renewal is more necessary today than ever before. I forgive those specific Muslims who cheered the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral Online but know that I pointed those out for being dumb asses in doing so. I also forgive specific members of LGBTTiQQ2SAA Community whom also cheered the burning of an Historical Church right before Easter and I pointed you out as well that you are all cunts/dicks/gendernewutraldicks/gendernewutralvagaina/maphorditegenitelia in doing so. Yes there are many who proclaimed their hatred out loud and many who voiced it inside their hearts. For those who did, you need to forgive and say sorry for being a dumbass/cunts/dicks/gendernewutraldicks/gendernewutralvagaina/maphorditegenitelia. If you don’t say sorry it is hard to cultivate any peace until you plow the earth with repentance of any sort. Because how can you reconcile when there is no admittance of guilt?!

The greatest virtue to have either in Business or Personal Relationship, is the ability to Forgive and reconcile with one another when intentions were skewed by faulty communications either by e-mail or by text or by Facebook. A telephone call works best sometimes but more importantly the ability to Forgive each other’s words on a page shows soulfulness, wisdom and integrity. It can be done. Forgivness, Reconciliation and Renewal; Doing it right is always tricky but just doing it, is a better risk of being more fruitful then saying nothing at all.

It would seem that this topic is never on the hearts of men/woman/genderchoosing people alike; mostly because we all struggle with un-forgiveness one way or another. Un-forgiveness, is many times the shadow of the heart that hinders progress in your being. The soul never complies with your logic or points of view or arguments you make to yourself and with others. The soul always deals with the sincere intentions of the heart, and this conflict will always be part of you. The days that you feel void or destitute of life, don’t take it has an indication that you need to fill it with unnecessary garbage, but to bring forth new creativity to find yourself. I call it the Dark Knight of the soul, but Thomas Moore Author of Care for the Soul says it’s the void, the emptiness of the soul which should be a time to resist filling the void with another emotion but to ride the emotion and come out with a more creative self. In my observations and with many other Philosophers we find that many times these shadows that affect our behaviour today are many times rooted in un-forgiveness of oneself or with others or within your memories.

When I Produced JESUS MEETS THE GAY MAN I realized that the very virtues we spoke about in the Documentary about Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Renewal are topics that we rarely speak about period, including many Modern Church’s today. It is barely a discussion within Academia, we may find the virtue expressed through Psycho Analysis but not in a Soulful way but in a more Clinical septic way which can devoid the purpose of Forgiveness to begin with. I am asking the question all the time that whether forgiveness needs to occur daily in our lives? I would say yes. In the book of Ephesians from the Bible it speaks about it intensely saying that we should forgive each other before the sun sets every night and not to go to bed angry and Jesus stern statement about forgiving your brother and sister, are all very clear passage no doubt about forgiveness, reconciliation and renewal. Maybe in the time of Jesus that there was more of a language around these terms; you would think with the 10,000 Denominations of Christianity out there that the Cognitive Map would have been assimilated with these virtues. Yet my belief is that Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Renewal are the least preached about in Christian Denominations everywhere except on the day of Easter of course. Perhaps the reason for so much un-forgiveness today is because of the lack of mechanism to express forgiveness or lack of language or poetry which is exercised in our daily routines. But even when Evangelical Preachers Preach from the pulpit about Forgiveness it always spoken into a tight narrative that the word Forgiveness is empirically tied to the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus through the atonement (Forgiveness) of sins, through his shedding of the blood on the cross thus you are cleansed from the taint of sin and truly forgiving. My argument to these particular Evangelical Preachers is always “so no one forgave each other before the Death and Resurrection of Jesus?” If Jesus was alive and preached forgiveness to whomever assembled, it would mean that the divine ability to forgive was already within us, before the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus. So these virtues are perhaps lost through these antiquated dialogue or phraseology that informs us wrongly of the importance of Forgiveness, Reconciliation or Renewal. We need new poetry and beautiful language to help transition from bitterness to forgiveness. But easier said than done… Un-Forgiveness aches the Heart is so many ways and more to some depending on the Atrocity done to the soul.