Warrior Poet

June 14, 2019

By Timothy F. H. Doucette


What is an Artist? Some think, painter? That would be artist, little a. What is a Poet? Someone that writes poetry, lyrics, prose? Or is it a personality type, a certain type of thinking and way of perceiving the world? Not all Mystics are poets, yet a true poet is a Mystic. This Poet, does not have to write one word on paper, to hold that office. Traverse with me...

An "Artiste" is not someone who dabbles in entertainment, in song or dance. No. This is a person, driven, from early childhood, with a compulsive nature of creativity. A propensity towards, a yearning for and a struggle within, that separates him from his "peers".

Often caught in the act of day dreaming, or holding one's tongue, when the mundane beckons him, disrupts his train of thought, as he pounds out the word, like a blacksmith hammers through fire and sparks alive the sword.

The Poet, awaits for the disturbance of every day life, to dwindle away, to allow him to get back to the task at hand, the dark inner crystal, the glimmering desire, to capture that one phrase, that one word, that prods him along and until perfected, his stomach may growl, the night may come, the train will leave the station, but behold, this Poet shall not be moved until the word is written.

This is the one whose face is marked with wolves eyes, that wears the armor dented with denial, pain, hurt, love, fear, worry, depression, rejection, depletion, exhaustion and disdain.

He is The Poet Warrior

Mystic and Madman

The Jester in Kings Court


The Thief of Love

Robinhood and Prophet of his Time.

I am a Poet... I have been granted a conversation with The Creator of The Universe.

And I refuse to write my last word!

Stand me against the wall. Before you get the chance to pull the trigger, I will have disappeared. Nothing will remain, except that of a shell. You will have won no victory, I will follow you in the life to come, I will haunt you in the bowels of hell.

I will never die.

My Words do not lie.



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