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I’ve come to the conclusion that everything we create, love, produce, invent, hate, destroy, and kill, all stems from individuals or groups behaviour. With all our instant communications devices, with a vast access to the amount of information, our expressions have created a Behaviour War bigger than it’s ever been. A war of what is Good or Bad Behaviour a war of who will be to be the first to define its values. We are not even aware of this WAR when we surf, watch TV News, or socialize digitally! This evil Behaviour War, created from our unaware narcissistic egos FUELED by pushing an artificial self online is so dangerous. For those not old enough to remember, narcissism and inflated egos did exist before Facebook and YouTube, people just did in person either it was at a bar or any social setting. People dress for success and lie of their real wealth or dress to with a sock down the side of a leg to show a false size. These patterns of egos emerge even faster now from the onset of technology has we can gain instant gratification from acknowledged likes on twitter or facebook, even to acknowledge on an idea that is absurd in logic. And to exasperate this Behaviour War even further is when technology Tech Giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google/YouTube and our Government start creating Ridiculous Laws/Policies that keep suppressing the freedom of speech. These companies use these technologies now to manipulate a narrative that is not even a good one to begin with. This imminent danger that Technology companies can force your mind to accept what they think is good behaviour, all while changing the rules as they see fit even when their own rules contradict their own interest and in the end they create fear of getting you kicked off Social Media for you to speak out. Just ten years ago, it was a running joke if someone got kicked off Facebook, because no one got kicked off of facebook, you had to have done something really offensive and bad… But now you get kicked off Facebook because you refuse to believe that Hillary Clinton was the Ave Maria of Presidents and you must believe without evidence that Russians interfered with the 2016 election. Bull Shit! What?! This truly happens today and we are all feared into submission. Screw Facebook and go to MINDS.COM and then you’ll have to screw minds.com when they get corrupt and go to NEWFACEBOOK.COM and back to NEWMINDS.COM you know the cycle. But the cycle does need to end…doesn’t it.

“As Iron Sharpens Iron as one person sharpens another.”

WE ARE ALL in a Behaviour War?

How long have we been in a Behaviour War, from the moment you were born.

The primary question for me is, what is good or bad Behaviour? Is good Behaviour governed by our belief in law and order even when certain laws are manufactured consent for someone else’s gain? Is good Behaviour synonymous to the word Love, and then again what is love? Don’t get me wrong we are not limited by good behaviour stories and expressions throughout history. There is more than plenty. For instance in the Christian Bible there is a great passage about love and behaviour in 1 Corinthians 13 (it’s worth reading the whole passage.)

.”4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres…”

I believe the Artist, who wrote this great passage also tried to sum up some examples of good behaviour. In many ways this passage is Fabulous, but the least preached today. Also noticeably, even in our current main stream media, have a hard time capturing these virtues, and only allow a trickle of what they used to, and we trivialized the mind now with caddy Splash Programming it’s not like a River Programming where there is consistent substance in developing a Television Property. But in fairness, and with honesty, Television/Film/Print/Radio/Theatre has demonstrated enough moral stories of good behaviour throughout its history, by portraying the struggles of characters on the screen and the decision to act honestly with the heart. From documentaries and real stories of corruption being punished and the victims helped, we have enough moral stories within our society to realize with a general consensus of what good behaviour should look like. So then is ART then the measurement of good behaviour? That would be fool hardy since many works of Art where created to manipulate, distort truth in order to lead people to war or to conflict. ART is a reflection of our truths, loves, lies, struggles and our wants, desires and our fears.

If you paraphrase laws here in Canada you can say the measurement of Bad Behaviour is when someone would be cheated, assaulted, financially, emotionally, physically and the evidence and data would show as a form of intentional abuse to harm in these areas.

We do have a history of laws and court cases that all talk about bad or good behaviour, otherwise you wouldn’t have so many rich lawyers and judges in this Country. Many of our definitions of bad behaviour within the Federal and Provincial laws are pretty agreeable by most Canadians, like not cool to Murder for instance, we can agree on that, but some laws are written by the devils themselves to manufacture consent to manipulate the unsuspected citizens for profit. Now that’s bad behaviour. I believe hidden Bad Behaviour is worst than open Bad Behaviour. Open Bad Behaviour gives rise to the real truth of how ridiculous your behaviour is and discourages people from joining. Like when ACLU used to allow the KKK to march on Campus and have their assembly, ACLU understood the true nature of free speech, is even to allow absurd thoughts to be spoken, because in the end the KKK assembly became less and less and so did their rallies, why because it allows your judgment of them to agree or not agree by your own eyes, ears, and perception. No College or University has a right to ban a speaker or comedian or performer solely based by their beliefs, what has gone wrong with these institutions loosing their sense of Freedom and History. Bad behaviour needs the right to be voiced as clearly as good behaviour how else are we to learn. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying bad behaviour should be expressed into violence, murder and death of others. I am not advocating that. I am stating that certain behaviours have grey areas when there are more feelings or assumptions than actually facts.

It would almost seem that Love and Good Behaviour are almost attracted to each other tied within our souls, urging to give expressions of good behaviour. I can site some Canadian Expressions of Good Behaviour like:

Benevolence for one another has neighbours’ - shovel snow for your neighbour who’s in Jamaica (asshole LOL) or respect each other by providing parking for a neighbours daughter getting married. Good Behaviour would resemble a young man helping an elderly woman off a streetcar with her groceries. Good Behaviour could resemble the simple gesture of given your seat to a disabled person on a StreetCar. Good Behaviour should resemble the ability to resist not talking negatively about another person in order to mask your own inadequacies even though you know that the Toronto Maple Leafs Suck. Good Behaviour on a Corporate level is hey yea these tubes of tobacco we created we found out is bad for your health, yea we can’t sell these, it’s gonna kill a lot of people let’s get back to the drawing board with more innovation. Good Behaviour is shaking the hand of the Opponents who won against you.

Funny, I believe that Good Behaviour always seeks the truth it is almost like a weird Quantum attraction. Deep down within the soul of every Canadian we want good behaviour not just from ourselves but from others.


What causes us not to have good behaviour? I think the primary reason for a lack of good behaviour is because we want an instant karma for doing good. We question ourselves internally all the time when we say “why the fuck should I care, nobody else does… or I always lose in the end when I give a shit… ah fuck what is my wife/husband gonna say… ” I remember during my time through the Evangelical Churches a great Artist friend of mine, doing what Jesus would do, brings a homeless person to his home for shelter from the cold. Of course my friend was not alone there were several other Artists in the house, but to say the least, the homeless person was gone the next day and stole my friends’ guitar and not just any guitar the guitar his father gave to him. You would think that my friend would have had a problem with helping homeless people on the streets again, no it didn’t he simply got a little wiser in helping. He knew the core value that Good Behaviour whether it’s rewarded or not, needs to be done regardless of its outcome. He understood the value of the original sincere behaviour to help someone in need which was more important. The other reason we resist having good behaviour is because, in your decision for the need for action you realize; your actions also may influence those who are close to you and depend on you. We sometime lack the courage to do the right thing sometimes because we think the worst outcome may come from it. Like if I may need to drag my family into this, those are real deterrents too, what would other people say if I did something good for someone. Imagine a Husband coming home a little late and his wife sees blood on his sleeve, she immediately asked if he is ok and he says” I helped a man who got robbed and he was bleeding, I called an Ambulance… everything is fine…. And the wife says “OMG are you ok… Do you need some help?! Is the victim ok? What can I do?” But those reactions are very few in between, because what most Canadians hear is this “What is wrong with you… you could have been hurt… you don’t care about me do you… we have a child on the way… I’m hormonal … this marriage is over… I am going to my mothers for the third time this week”. Perhaps, this statement is an exaggeration, but not much of a stretch from Canadians Thoughts. This is a real reason why many people don’t help, is to say fuck it in the moment, someone else will help and many times people don’t because they are all thinking the same way; fuck it someone else will help.

You can do all the right things for all the wrong reasons. Now there is an example of bad behaviour.

You see this, so often among Celebrities, Politicians, Dignitaries, whom have too much money, whom have lost connection to other realities, that there is a need to express benevolence but it then twisted into soothing their guilt somehow through famous public contributions. Doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons becomes a dangerous path, not just for the Celebrity, Politician, or Dignitary it becomes dangerous to those who follow you, copying your behaviour of insincerity.

I can list a whole 6 pages of bad behaviours and it wouldn’t do any good. I believe in listing stories of good behaviour when bad behaviour was presented. However, I needed to point this out, I believe the worst behaviour we have in todays Society is what John Fresco said “the problem with society is that we talk at each other rather than speak with each other.”

A very true statement, so no matter what Government, Corporation, Organizations, Charities, Religions, Humanities you hold belief too, it still comes down to the behaviour of individuals and groups.

All corruption and bad behaviour lead to a moment in time when we needed to make the right decision. You know that crucial moment not to send that e-mail, text or make that nasty phone call. So perhaps with this in mind we will not be so quick to judge organizations; and, large groups to be so quick to start judge individuals. It’s time to be meticulous and tenacious and short to speak on our behaviours of others. If there is evidence to speak in judgments of bad behaviour of others then in good conscious it would be, perhaps to say “it’s bad behaviour not to speak out? There was a bunch of Senior Citizens that were touring Canada regarding the environment during the early 2000’s and one Senior said to a reporter, “if you are not going to do anything to help with the environment then you are part of the problem.” What a great statement when we fear to do good because of a backlash from the public and in doing so we’ve allowed Bad Behaviour to rule us.

Are we going to allow Bad Behaviour to rule us anymore? No. A good start for me is speaking out against all the known and unknown censorship that Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and all these tech giants are currently doing; badly behaving with and without our knowledge. That is truly bad behaviour. Censoring your speech without your knowledge without being told… all in secret… That’s not cool.

To stop this Behaviour War, we need a habit of examination of our behaviour on a daily basis, which should be a priority within our internal dialogue with the soul. To stop this Behaviour War, we need an examination of our behaviour in our discussions with each other whether it is family, friend or foe.

I leave you with these last thoughts in order to stop these BEHAVIOUR WARS We need to be more methodical, thoughtful, inquisitive, and don’t rush on comments and if you set your intentions right from a good heart I believe things will be fine. STOP BELIEVING THE GUY IN THE TIE or the WOMAN IN A SKIRT OR THE GENDER CHOOSING PERSON IN A MOOMOO ON TABLOID NEWS TRYING TO CONVINCE YOU OF COUNTRIES CONFLICT IN 30 SECONDS… yea like we’ll ever truly know by A 3.30 SEC sound bit from a paid performer on Television. Common…Let’s get real. Also, never try to hide your bad behaviour it gets nowhere in the end, as C.S. Lewis would say “there is nothing progressive in not admitting to your own mistakes and being Pig Headed bout it.” You can’t progress when there is bad behaviour that needs to be confessed… but that’s a whole other topic. I like this advice from Stephen Fry who once said in a MUNK debate… “We have to stop being so certain of ourselves… because we are only HUMAN…”

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