I have not met anyone in the multicultural, politically correct City of Toronto, over the last 45 years of my life, that was not a closet "racist" or to blame for stereotypes and misjudging people they did not understand or even like. "Old Stock" Canadian and newcomers alike, all harbor some distasteful feelings and attitudes about their neighbours. TORONTONIANS have no idea who they are or what Toronto means and it's history. It's NOT "White Privilege" that has done this, it is the teaching of the likes of Trudeau, that "there is NO TRUE CANADIAN IDENTITY!" Therefore the newcomers seek no further than their new comfy jobs and their new comfy condos and their new found acceptance and they stomp on the blood of my ancestors! And call me racist?! They are racist and "privileged"! Toronto: "In fact, it’s virtually certain that the name “Toronto” is rooted in the Mohawk language and in a location about 130 kilometers north of the present city. Historical evidence tells us that the term is from the Mohawk “Tkaranto,” meaning “where there are trees standing in the water.”


I am French, Micmac, Anglo-Saxon, North American. My great grandfather arrived here in 1621, on the shores of The East Coast. My great Micmac grandmother lived in Wigwam and "off the grid" as it were and her ancestors before her and etc on this great land of ours for thousands of years. I am so tired of hearing, "we are ALL immigrants..." As we wash away the history of a people and their country, diluting the color down to a non- existent blur, in order to accommodate a new narrative, while we build a future ON SACRED GROUND! What all the anti-hate speech and so called liberals, who point at those that disagree with them and calling them Racist, don't understand is their lack of knowledge of MY ancestors and the history of a country that welcomed them IS EQUALLY RACIST and born out of some weird idea that "this land is your land, this land is my land" lullaby that has attempted to lull our collective consciousness to sleep! Canada has a culture and a history and furthermore, it was MY grandfathers who fought and died in WW1 and WW2 trying to protect the freedom YOU now enjoy with a collective Racist Entitlement! Just remember, the skyscraper you work in and the condo you live in was built on Sacred Ground. That's where our conversation should begin.

Maybe it's time, for Prime Minister of Canada to no longer be that, but rather, A Chief!?

Or is that TOO RACIST for you!?