The Beast is Not The Beast

By; Timothy FH Doucette

Chief Writer & Performing Arts Officer

Big Question of the day; If the vaccine becomes MANDATORY and you will no be able to enter a store or be employed or have your children attend school etc, unless you show your Certificate of Vaccination ID!? Will this NOT fulfill the prophecy of The Mark of The Beast!? Or!!OR... Does it have to be mandated by The AntiChrist when he stops “the daily sacrifice and sets up the abomination of desolation “ in the Temple (yet to be built)?!? Could these 2 things, the stopping of the daily sacrifice and the “forcing of every man, women and child, free or slave, rich or poor, to receive a Mark of their forehead or right hand, that they will not be able to buy or sell unless they have the Mark...” Be conducted at separate events, leading up to each other? But when we look deeper, we see that beyond The Mark and the control it brings, we see that Satan is more interested in being worshiped as God on earth. So, can the Mark prophecy be fulfilled on its own, without the other part of prophecy being fulfilled!? It seems the masking bylaw and the vaccine, being mandated, seems to get the job done, without the AntiChrist entering the world stage, being revealed? This long winded question is important. Because although a regular vaccine is NOT evil of itself, yet if it manipulated our DNA, like the vaccine being proposed my Gates and his cronies, ie-the RNA Vaccine, which can and does change the fundamentals of our DNA, it could be evil? We read in The Book of Revelations, that those that did take the Mark of The Beast and worshiped his Name, “grievous sores broke out on their bodies”!?! What are we to do?! If the future mandated vaccine is made mandatory and although not YET the Mark, still ungodly because it is unclean and if our body is The Temple of God, should we allow our DNA be manipulated!?! Thus rendering us to be a new type of human with genetically modified RNA mixed with our DNA, pattened and own by the pharmaceutical companies that provide the vaccine!? Should we not refuse the vaccine on principle alone!? And can it not be a precursor if not, The Actual Mark of The Beast in the future!?But if the vaccine is mandatory, does it not serve the same purpose?! This is important to answer, because IF YOU TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST AND WORSHIP THE BEAST YOUR NAME WILL BE BLOTTED OUT OF THE LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE AND YOU WILL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD BUT BE THROWN INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE WITH SATAN, THE FALSE PROPHET AND ALL THE DEMONS AND ALL THE UNRIGHTEOUSNESS! We need to be sure. And for all those Christians that believe they will not be here and raptured out of here before this is implemented, I’ll ask- The Masks are here and so are you! The vaccine is coming and if you think it won’t be mandatory? You are lying to yourself. You are here. God has not raptured you out yet! You need to know what you are going to do!?!?