The Pathology of Master and Slave Agendas

You are all probably all reading the title saying say whaaaaat or more likely wtf JCMoses are you nuts. Yes I am crazy and happy to be so but being smart crazy is even better with a good heart because it allows me to be generous in expressions of beauty and the pursuit of trying to understand life, its liberty, its creation, its daily moments of joys and pains. So in essence, I am that I am, I am a Smart, Crazy, Director, Creative Producer, Editor, Photographer, Minstrel, French Canadian, Aboriginal, Gay Man who died of AIDS, and came back to life somehow with a slight anger issue. So, my moments and purposes for others and myself is to help challenge the story or to help people of serious disciplines to see life from a crazy perspective like 1200 ft hand gliding, OMG that was awesome.

Since the beginning of the COVID 19 Pandemic or Plandemic it is a polling question now, with Plandemic now leading the polls with 69% thinking that this was all, pardon my English, Bull Shit. What shocked me the most is the Master and Slave ideology with a final Agenda that always never ends in good times, is now more obvious today than ever before. If you are as old as I am, in the past people hide this type of feelings when certain Humans reach or always had, a lot of power through wealth, title and status, they perhaps believe they should be treated like royalty, and have subjects, but not everyone has that kind of attitude in todays 21st Century of our Civilization. After January 2020 till now, it is now a sad moment of History, seeing it now more obvious than before, a complete obedience to the state. When you look at History and its fine moments from legislation to the advancements of Science, Technology and Art, there was this slow ongoing push of processes and tests to the human population of seeing a way to for control and when I say control, I mean like the old Technocrats along with at least a Trillion Dollars of investment to create a World Wide Propaganda Campaign that seem to have all the same verbiage, no matter what language the Television/Radio/Newspaper News Station you hear it from. If you didn’t know all these news station worldwide have been bought out bought out by one or two companies or 4 here in Canada to be specific you would think the world is fine, but you would take it for granted that what was being said on the Blue Tube Television is true or not. With your busy days, and other responsibilities you would think the whole world is in jeopardy of this COVID 19 and you go along with it to protect family, friends, and person. Yet honestly, we can no longer allow these lazy liberties of thinking to take over our conscious and our thought processes anymore. It is time to take responsibility to start thinking critically, thoughtful, and soulfully on the issues that face us daily, globally, locally, and individually.

It has become more evident since January 2020 of the frightening Orwellian realities emerging, as well as Prophecies coming to fruition, and the same ill tactics from past Cultures and Societies used by Nobility of how to rule over their subjects. There are many models of tactics to keep this culture alive of Master and Slave; trust me, that’s the reason I get the eeebee Jeee beez since this Plandemic now polling at 72% with talks of Economic Reset, and now with New World Order website from the United Nation, yes it is true. It is even more frightening to see intelligent individuals fooled by this propaganda campaign and not just fooled but like almost brainwashed in repeating the same verbiage as everyone else. Almost like those Sci-Fi episode where the heroes get caught up in a scenario where everyone gets drugged except the one person who needs to convince his fellow crew mates that their lives are in danger and they completely ignore reality and they finally snap out of it. For people to truly become awake the general public should require reading Propaganda Campaign written by Edward Bernays in 1928, the oldest book on manipulation of a society using Bernays techniques that were inspired by Freud at the time. You’ll hear terms like Engineering by Consent whereas Politicians and Corporate heads create laws that forces your consent to a piece of legislation that you are no even aware of that has been passed and literally goes against the bill of rights. Like the current legislation Bill C13 the violation of the Bank of Canada ACT, the forcing of Social Distancing, Wearing of Masks, Restriction of Assembly, over a coldflu virus that is now 99.6% recoverable which means a lot, it means that the majority of the population have been exposed and have created the natural antibodies that fought of the virus to begin with and also looking at a death toll rate worldwide lower than Cancer Deaths in the U.S. No you cannot impose Medical Marshall on every country and superseding our Canadian Bill of Rights or any other Constitutional Rights. Especially when Doctors do not agree, like Specialist, Virologist, Immunologists, Epidemiologist who are now being abused by media with misinformation because they didn’t follow the Psycho Pathic Sheppard Narrative that are leading the sheep over a cliff. So now these Doctors become the tainted black sheep of the heard because they have an educated opinion and they walk in a different direction. It is frightening what these Politicians and Corporate heads have been passing for legislation lately and over the years, and always seems to chip away or completely violate our Charter of Rights, and until it’s challenged by an Informed Critical Thinking Citizens they will continue to manipulate you and manufacture your consent without you knowing and then they will just blatantly do it to your face and by then it will too late and a revolution will need to occur. But do not lose hope, and please note Beautiful People there are also many tactics and models of how to overthrow the master’s has well, which always gives me personal hope. I recommend that you read The Politics of Obedience, The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude, Etienne de La Boètie, older book but so relevant, recommended by an intelligent, diligent researcher James Corbett, what a great read.

Perhaps what we failed to see is that our supposed Masters understood early, is that the internet had become a great equalizer, like a Library from all over the world, a place for whistle blowers, a place for different opinions and expressions. Frankly better than a library it like a live library with expert, non-expert opinions, Philosophers, Artists, Scientists, Spiritualist, Religious Leaders, Activist, Political Leaders, Politicians, all these awesome great expressions from various cultures, religions, societies, and governments, can exchange information instantly. OMG , me has a Crazy Super Smart, Director, Creative Producer, Editor, Photographer, Minstrel, French Canadian, Aboriginal, Gay, Man who died of AIDS and came back to life somehow, with a slight anger issue, salivated at the instant access of these never never never never ending stories.

Problem is with this type of liberty of information, it can easily be used to manipulate. It reminds me of a young filmmaker who come through my studio to show me a piece and had a viewer discretion at the beginning stating not to believe everything on the internet. So, I asked him “why only the internet? Do you believe everything on Television? Do you Believe every book to be accurate in the Library? Do you believe every Article in the Newspaper to be true? The young man looked at me realizing that he had been convinced that everything on the internet was not to be trusted and was convinced that Television told the Truth. OMG if you worked in the Newsroom like I have in Television, you know the lies or half lies they spew out every night. Please do not become these weird individuals whom are consumed by their addiction to News Porn and are prone with this bizarre push to change the definitions of words, language, historical moments, which when observing these events it should give us pause and take concern of what our supposed Leaders whom are now acting like Masters and behaving in a such a way that is not Canadian. We need Leadership again, not Tyranny, but then again History shows that when the Oligarchs/Masters are exposed and feel insecure they turn to silencing criticism (Removing Channels from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter), force and restrict liberties (forcing of wearing a mask), remove any form of resistance (arresting nonviolent protesters), and will lie through their f’n teeth to save their face/black face, depends who is your Prime Minister to hide their fears from their lies and use force to silence anyone that discovers we are on to them.

To all Artists I cannot emphasize the danger of gossip especially from us Artists for we hold a powerful tool which can make our agendas more powerful, influential, and thus more damaging. Artists, never use your Artistic power to defame or to shame other individuals on half-truths, lies and conjecture, no matter how much they pay, because in the end it never ends well… so in essence basically what I am saying stop being a Backstabbing Barbie or Karen. Do not fall prey to this pathology of Master and Slave ideology. Enough! It is sickening to the heart to see many Talented, Skillful, Seasoned Artists fall trap to this formula of propaganda to gain some tweets or clicks or views all i