What is the Big Plan for Aviation - Protest at Parliament Hill in Ottawa - October 20 2020

“We can adapt if we seize the opportunity to declare a worldwide war on carbon emissions.”

This is what we are fighting. An ideology that involves completely refurbishing the industry with technology that does not yet exist, in a top-down central planning model, which history has shown to prove disastrous. 

They are dismantling the way our society functions in order to design it in their image, and that includes aviation belonging to the elite (can’t have all those carbon-sinning jets flying around en masse!), taking the train with Eco-fuel made out of recycled vegetable oil and meeting on Zoom calls instead of actually moving. They want to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint to a minimum (for all the serfs, at least).*

“Take the aviation industry as an example. For historic reasons, international air travel – along with the maritime industry - has not been part of government-led international emission reduction agreements such as the first Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 and the Paris agreement. Efforts are being made to change this through the International Civil Aviation Organization, and hopefully the industry's targets will align with the Paris agreement.

However, the efforts by the aviation sector to reduce emissions are still largely voluntary - despite good intentions from the industry. And now with the industry grounded – some airlines have, at least temporarily, reduced their capacity by as much as 85% – there is an opportunity for governments and airlines to cooperate on the projects that might change the industry, and to explore a world beyond what they could have imagined before the coronavirus.”

And the strings attached?

“The key to regulating well is not to decide on the type of fuel or design we want by law, but to make financial support and legislation conditional on the required amount of emission reductions or other such long-term goals that tie into a cleaner and healthier world...

Rescue measures should come with conditions attached; the French government's bailout of Air France is a good example.”

And the message between the lines? 

"If we make it a part of our long-term work culture, we may in the future save ourselves many unnecessary day trips by plane...

We also need to look at what means of transport we use when traveling. Aeroplanes are not necessarily the best option, so why not take the opportunity to launch and accelerate green infrastructure packages that set targets for emission-free electric connections across the world?”

There are many, many articles like this on the World Economic Forum site, if you search Aviation, that gives you a bigger picture of the way these central planners would like to continue destroying our present to design our Eco-utopian future. 

*This is well-documented and available in black and white, via many sources. One needs only to put the pieces together. An excellent read to understand this, by someone who has already done so, is The Green Reich by Godefridi. (Link in comments)



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